SemCAPTCHA demo (by Bartosz Marciniak)
multisystem (Java Runtime required)
Download English version / Download Polish version

This SemCAPTCHA demo presents the very idea of the system. You can try to solve SemCAPTCHA tasks with and without the semantic priming.


SemCAPTCHA demo (by Paweł Łupkowski)
install script for debian based linux systems
Download English version

1. Download the script
2. Make it executable (sudo chmod u+x
3. Run the script (./
(Internet connection is necessary for the installation.)

SemCAPTCHA demo with accessibility versions added. You can choose between standard version (image with animals' names), sound version and text only version of SemCAPTCHA.


This research was partially supported by AMU Faculty of Social Sciences
grant No. WSO/133/2006.

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